Appropriate Test and Sequence for Low Voltage Electrical Installations According to IEC 60364 Related Standards

Multifunction Installation Tester | Source: Fluke

Apart from electrical design and installation, electrical testing/ verification can be considered the final and most important part of electrical work. During this stage, we can determine whether the premises are already safe for occupancy or not.

The tests which need to be carried out during initial verification are listed below, in the correct sequence in accordance with BS 7671. Some of these tests are required by AUS/NZ 3000 and SBC 401. 

Dead Testing
Dead testing is performed when the circuit is not energized. 
  • Continuity of protective conductors; including CPC, main and supplementary bonding conductors. 
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  • Insulation resistance
  • Protection by SELV
  • Protection by PELV
  • Protection by electrical separation 
  • Functional extra-low voltage circuits
  • Basic protection by a barrier or enclosure provided during the erection
  • Insulation  resistance/impedance  of floors and walls 
  • Polarity Test
  • Earth electrode resistance test (if applicable)

Live Testing

In contrast with dead testing, live testing on the other hand is conducted when the circuit is energized.  
  • Earth electrode resistance (if applicable)
  • Protection by automatic disconnection 
  • Earth fault loop impedance 
  • Additional protection
  • Prospective fault current
  • Check of phase sequence
  • Functional  testing
  • Verification of voltage drop

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Required Test Instruments

The testing should be carried out in such a manner that no danger to a person, livestock, or property arises. The multi-function test meter in the photograph shows that there are many different settings available for the various tests required by the relevant code i.e. BS 7671,  AUS/ NZ 3000, or IEC 60364.  Before any tests are performed, you need to check the leads and probes to ensure that they are in good order. 

Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Continuity of protective conductors, including main and supplementary equipotential bonding.
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors.
  • Polarity.

Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Insulation resistance testing.
  • Separation of circuits, including SELV or PELV and electrical separation.

Earth Fault Loop Impedance Tester
Residual Current Device Tester

Multifunction Tester
  • As the name suggests, the multifunction tester can carry out the tests mentioned above. There are several manufacturers and equipment models that have these functions and some are very specific to the latest version of BS 7671. Example of these models includes FLUKE 1662, MEGGER MFT 1735 and KYORITSU KEW 6516BT.

Testing Sequence

The test sequence must be carried out in the exact order. Testing should stop if any circuit test result is not within the prescribed limits and fix the issues in accordance with the codes and standards. 

  1. Continuity testing of the earthing conductor
  2. Continuity testing of main and supplementary protective bonding conductors
  3. Continuity of CPC for lighting circuits and radial circuits
  4. Continuity testing for three-phase socket outlets and fixed equipment
  5. Continuity of ring final circuit conductors 
  6. Insulation Resistance Testing
  7. Additional insulation resistance test (Protection by SELV, PELV, and electrical separation)
  8. Polarity Test
  9. Earth Fault Loop Testing
  10. Earth electrode resistance testing
  11. Prospective Fault Current Test
  12. Operation and functional testing of RCD
  13. Phase sequence test
  14. Device functional test
  15. Voltage drop verification and test

After the completion of the required test given above, a certificate of electrical completion and verification will be issued by the competent authority. 

All the required test results must be entered into a standard form i.e. BS 7671 model forms (see sample below)

Note: The form may change from time to time depending on the latest edition of the relevant code being applied i.e. BS 7671 2018 edition. 

17th Ed Forms by CA Cole


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