Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Occupational Safety and Health Ebooks

What is the importance of safety culture in the workplace?

If you want to reduce the costs and risks associated with workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities, you should place as much emphasis on safety and health in your workplace as you do on other management issues such as production, sales, transportation and quality control. 

The old phrase, "Safety First', may sound nice, but in reality, safety is more effective if it's thought to be a priority. in a highly competitive environment priorities can change rapidly. To survive, a company must both produce and be safe. Turn safety into a core value that never changes --- Change 'Safety First" to 'Safety Only 'Safety Only' emphasizes the idea that it's fine to produce as hard and fast as you can, as long as you can do it safety. 

High productivity is desired, but if a safety hazard or practice is discovered that might cause serious physical harm or death, it should be corrected immediately, even if that means shutting down production. That's commitment to safety! 

Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety will occur to the extent each manager clearly understands the positive benefits derived from their effort understanding the benefits will create a strong desire to improve the companys safety culture. 

Company need to invest serious time and money into effective safety management by developing what t call the "S-P's' within a safety management system. 

  • Programs
  • Policies
  • Plans
  • Processes
  • Procedures 
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