Friday, November 04, 2016

Video: Tutorial on How to Calculate Feeder According National Electrical Code 2011

National Electrical Code defined feeder in the electrical system as

All circuit conductors between the service equipment, the source of a separately derived system, or other power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device.

To accurately calculate the service size for residential installations, the designer and installer must be familiar with many requirements in the National Electrical Code. The requirements are not necessarily straightforward, and it is recommended that additional resources be reviewed.

The objectives in this topic is to

  1. Know how to calculate the feeder loading
  2. Determine the minimum rating of feeder overcurrent protective device
  3. Determine the minimum feeder conductor size
  4. Determine the right correction and adjustment factors such as voltage drop, temperature, location of the installation and others.

In this video all calculations made in this topic are based on National Electrical Code 2011

Click to play the video

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